Our Board Members!

Alison Flynn

As former owner of Villainous Lair Comics, Alison is a well-known figure in the local comic book community. She regularly attends comic book conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and San Diego Comic Fest and also has holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

Mark Habegger

Mark is an artist and writer who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He produces and directs music videos, commercials, and promotional videos, and has worked on feature films and television series in various capacities. Mark is a strong promotor of literacy and art programs and has originated creative writing classes for elementary school children, which produced collaborative illustrated books by student authors.


More recently, Mark acts as a participating artist at school and hospital charity events, including the annual City of Hope Pediatric Picnic.

Aubree Miller

Aubree is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Advertising. Her passions include art, messaging, research, and culture, which is why she is strongly involved in Advertising, Marketing, and Anthropology. From 2011 to 2014, she served as CEO and Creative Director for Assault Media Marketing, a full-service advertising and marketing agency. She is still involved with the company, working in a consultant capacity

Karen Coutts

Karen Coutts has given decades of her life to the pursuits of fundraising for the arts. One of her proudest achievements has been assisting in building from the ground up the fundraising program behind The New Children’s Museum in Downtown San Diego. 


When not being the Wonder Woman of the fundraising world, Karen spends time with her husband, two children, their grey tabby named “Tybalt,” and their rescued Rottweiler/Australian Shepard mix “Cappuccino.”

Matt Dunford

A San Diego native, Matt has been enthralled with comics since early childhood when he first set eyes on a pack of Spiderman issues at his local Toys-R-Us. 


In 2010, Matt graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. He has since stayed heavily active in the comic and cosplay community. He juggles both his roles of Little Fish Comic Studio Board Member and Chairmen of San Diego Comic Fest.

Charlene Clingman

Charlene holds a degree in anthropology from UC Santa Barbara, as well as a degree in non-profit business management from the University of San Diego. She has worked for a variety of local non-profits organizations, such as the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Museum of Man.


Currently, Charlene holds a role in Corporate Development at KPBS and is the Director of Marketing Operations at Lee Oskar Enterprises. Amazingly, she speaks English, Arabic, Spanish, and Greek.

Jocelyn Bojanowski

Jocelyn has been involved with Little Fish since the beginning, providing much of the seed money that helped the studio get on its feet. She has spent years in the medical field as a registered nurse, providing care for those most in need. Currently, she works in Kaiser Permanente’s Hospice Care.

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