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About Us!

Little Fish Comic Book Studio

was founded in 2012 by Alonso Nunez with Patrick Yurick. Serving the San Diego region, the educational nonprofit corporation is dedicated to developing the skills and empowering the minds of students interested in the comic artform, specifically through a wide range of classes and camps directed to all ages.


For founder and executive director Alonso Nunez, art was the inspirational building block for Little Fish Comic Studio, starting with Leo Leonni’s children’s book entitled Swimmy. It is a story about a “little fish” that inspires other small fish to join together and scare away the bigger ones that also live in the pond, ensuring the little fishes’ survival. In a lot of ways, this is the vision, mission, and goal of Little Fish Comic Book Studio. Seeing that the “big fish” have taken over the pond and being inspired by other little fish (independent comic publishers & small press), Little Fish Comic Book Studio believes that it is possible to survive “in the pond” by working together and inspiring others to pursue their dreams to make great comics.



Little Fish Kidz Camp June 26th 2017

Our Mission

Fostering awareness and education for the comic arts


As a nonprofit educational corporation serving the San Diego region, Little Fish Comic Book Studio is dedicated to developing an appreciation of the comic art form through classes and camps directed to students of all ages and creeds, while through community partnerships and local events making an impact on the education of the public at large.


Our goals are to educate students using the standards of a traditional art school and the comic book industry with the passion and the openness of a relaxed studio environment. Little Fish aims to give each student, regardless of their prior educational backgrounds, age or identity, a realistic, working understanding of what it takes to be a professional comic creator, all while giving them the catered instruction designed to better them as individual artists at a pace that works best for them.

The Comic

To the research and the proliferation of knowledge needed to understand and create the highest standard of comic book literature in all of the various forms comics may be created in. (Print, web, multimedia, etc.)

LF emphasizes a balance of three main targets of inquiry into the field:

  • The study of comic art forms throughout human history.

  • The active study of how comics are thriving in markets today.

  • The active participation in dialogue of how comics will change  
        and adapt for the future.

    LF recognizes, that as an institution recognizing itself as a harbinger of comics knowledge, a responsibility to understand the various permutations of the current comics marketplace. Examples of this include:


  • Going to comic conventions

  • Studying and embracing new comics technologies

  • Interacting with local comic salespeople as well as national and
       international comic salespeople


LF recognizes that, as well as being a comic creation studio, it is also a member of the greater San Diego, California, community. Due to this LF is committed to the betterment of the local community through the giving of its knowledge, resources, and art.


Our Projects

American BOOOM!

Sarah Hannigan's father is killed by Mexican cartels. What is a 16 year old girl to do in the face of such a devastating loss? Don the guise of "American BOOOM!" and avenge her father's death, that's what. Join us Little Fish Comic Book owners Alonso Nunez & Patrick Yurick as they bring you this exciting adventure about the girl with the exploding fists!

Squids & Rainbows

Some people would make a comic about squids OR rainbows. We pushed the envelope - we did it about both. Join Little Fish Student Effren Villanueva for this weekly comic that is sure to have your eyes bulging with hilarity. Read more at

Our Practice

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